Prevent Suicide: The Smart Way

Prevent Suicide The Smart Way FRONT from AI IIThe best way to prevent suicide is to develop resilience long before a crisis occurs, which allows the individual to bounce back from life’s setbacks faster and avoid having the type of crisis that leads to a suicide attempt.

Prevent Suicide: The Smart Way provides practical skills and exercises that help develop resilience. These skills are powerful and those who know them have successfully averted suicides at the crisis point, but their greatest power lies in making individuals stronger.

There are many ways our current society sabotages resilience. The techniques in this book increase resilience in ways that make it a sustainable strength that not only prevents individuals from becoming suicidal in the future, but also provides them with assets that make every day of life better than it is without them.

Prevent Suicide: The Smart Way also includes sections on helping those who are struggling in the aftermath of losing someone to suicide or suicide attempt. Not only can you be stronger, you can be of greater benefit to others with the information you’ll learn in these pages.

This is the hardest book Jeanine Joy has written. She prefers to focus is on what makes humans thrive, but her work helped her to know that someone who has developed the factors that lead to thriving has a much lower risk of ever becoming suicidal. She also knew that the people who need this information the most are not reading lighter self-help books. She had to meet them where they live if she was to help them. It’s difficult for someone who has left that emotional state behind to return there to help others, but she has a rather overactive sense of responsibility to others–one that would not let her rest until she did all that she could to help others enjoy life more.

This is the print version. The electronic version was published under the title When Only You Can Prevent Suicide. The print version includes charts and illustrations that are not in the electronic version.

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