Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Thrive More, Now Companies conducts business as Happiness 1st Institute, as Jeanine Joy (author) and is Founder of Achieve Affinity (a 501 (c)3 organization[i]).

We do not share information provided to us outside our organization. We do not sell your information. We do not share your information.

Specific client information is always held in confidence. We may use information provided if we receive your express written permission to do so. Information that is not personally identifying may be used by us in books and/or as stories in our programs or in our writings. If used, the information would not be specific enough to identify the source.

or example, if a client advises us that they were filled with anger and provides a story reflecting how that impacted their behavior before our program and shares that after our program they are no longer angry, and that they now handle situations that once made them very angry differently, we might share that story in a general way. We would not use names, or would change the names, dates, places, and other information that could identify the source of the story.

When testimonials are provided during our programs or via other methods, we may choose to share them on our websites or during our programs.

We do not share or sell your information to other companies.

We may use anecdotal comments and stories you share with us to help teach others but ONLY with identifying information removed. We will not share any information that is distinct and that would allow others to determine the origin of the story of comments.

We value your privacy.

If you become a registered user or member of one of our sites, certain information on your profile will be visible to other users or members and we have no control over how they might utilize information you provide in areas which are visible to others. Providing of such information in your public profile is optional.

If you use a Gravatar or other sign-in method linked to an account outside The Sites we have no control or responsibility for information shared through such use.

Your Information is Confidential.

[i] Application pending with IRS 11/2013

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  1. Pingback: Ryan Crystal

    1. JeanineJoy (Post author)

      Hey Ryan,

      I wish we could start the program sooner but we have to honor other commitments we have made. I understand your pain so here are some ways you can ease the pain while you wait.

      First, if you shift your focus to the fact that you’ll soon have help managing the stress in your life–not just stress related to debt–but all the stressors that actually reduces your discomfort now. Most teachers suggest dose-dependent stress reduction techniques and the truth is they help for a little while–but they do not change the root cause of stress. But they are helpful until you can change the root cause. Here are some of the common dose dependent suggestions:

      Help someone else
      Tai Chi
      Breathe deeply
      Go outside

      You can use any of those to help you now.

      But one we would suggest is something you should do every time you feel stressed about your student debt (or really about anything) and that is this:

      “Yes, I’m stressed by that now but I am going to learn ways to reduce the stress beginning in October so I don’t really have to worry right now. Help is on the way.”

      Write that down. Put it in your wallet and pull it out every time you feel stressed. If these words don’t work for you, tweak them a bit until you find ones that ease your stress when you think about them. The above may be going too far or not far enough–it depends on how you’re feeling.

      Another thing you could do is read my book, TRUE Prevention–Optimum Health: Remember Galileo Even though the focus is on health, the same techniques that manage stress to improve health will help you now.

      I hope that helps. Thanks for commenting.

      Jeanine Joy

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