TRUE Prevention–Optimum Health: Remember Galileo Press Release

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    An Affordable Solution to the Health Care and Chronic Disease Crisis

    June 24, 2014, Charlotte, North Carolina

In her recently released book, TRUE Prevention—Optimum Health: Remember Galileo, Jeanine Joy takes us step-by-step through            the science evincing that most of the physical and social diseases that exist today share one root cause—a cause each individual has the ability to change. She shows us that the reason we are not making progress is that current efforts treat symptoms instead of the root cause. Along the way, we learn that science is so specialized that one branch is often unaware of complimentary research done in another branch. Only someone who has asked a big question like Jeanine’s “What makes humans thrive?” could find the answer.

As the evidence accumulated in her search for an answer, the same root cause appeared repeatedly—for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, anxiety, addictions, obesity, poor nutrition, failure to thrive, asthma, crime, and more. She walks us through the solution including leading edge information published in March that supports her position that some of the underlying principles society accepts as true, are not, and they undermine human thriving. Practical and immediately useful skill-based processes are provided that can help anyone thrive more in every area of life—health, relationships, career, and well-being. In one fell swoop, Jeanine has empowered the world with greater control over their health and more hope than most have enjoyed in a very long time.

The solution is inexpensive and offers the possibility of a better life for everyone on the planet. With the release of TRUE Prevention—Optimum Health: Remember Galileo her vision of a better world for everyone is one giant step forward. Prevention is far more likely than cure—we already know how to prevent 50% of heart disease (at a minimum) but people  won’t listen (due to The Galileo Effect). The same prevention, because it addresses the root cause, reduces the risk of many cancers and diabetes, crime, divorce, recidivism, addictions, teen pregnancy, bullying, and more).

The reminder to remember Galileo refers to the tendency humanity has of not believing new information until we understand why it works—even when copious information about its accuracy is available. It took humanity 50 years between Semmelweis’ demonstrations that hand washing substantially reduced mortality and its acceptance as a normal practice. TRUE Prevention is even more beneficial to humanity and she wants the unnecessary suffering to stop now. In an age of Obamacare cost overruns and other expensive solutions, it is refreshing to learn how to implement a solution everyone can afford. In fact, we can’t afford not to adopt these strategies.

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