Build Resilience Books by Jeanine Joy, Ph.D.

Build Resilience and Thrive More

Dr. Joy’s search for the answer to one question, “What makes humans thrive in spite of adversity?” spanned decades. Once she had the answers and knew how to build resilience she began the solutions in her many books. All of her books have one overriding purpose: To help humans thrive more. Whether focused on preventing burnout, building resilience, empowering employees, or preventing suicide, her solutions begin at the root cause of human thriving so they apply to every area of life including:

  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health
  • Behavioral Health
  • Relationships
  • Academic and Career Success
  • Happiness

Here is one comment about her approach:

I’m a psychologist and I’ve never seen anything that has the potential to stop crime like the plan outlined in your book. It has the sense of “Why didn’t I think of this?” because it all makes perfect sense when I read it, but it is so different than anything I’d ever heard of. Thank you. I have renewed energy toward my work now and I keep asking how else I can make a difference. — Heather S.

Additional testimonials are on her YouTube Channel: Jeanine Joy

Build Resilience with these resources:

Her books include:

  • Burnout: Prevention and Recovery, Resilience and Retention, Evidence-based, Experience-informed Solutions
  • Empowered Employees become Engaged Employees, Using Science to Solve the Employee Engagement Crisis*
  • Mental Health Made Easy: The New Science of the Mind: Develop Healthy Habits of Thought
  • Rescue Our Children from the War Zone, Teach Them Social and Emotional Skills, Applied Positive Psychology 2.1*
  • Harness the Power of Resilience: Be Ready for Life
  • Prevent Suicide: The Smart Way*
  • True Prevention–Optimum Health: Remember Galileo*
  • Is Punishment Ethical? The Fallacy of Good and Evil*
  • Psychology from the Pulpit (coming 2017)

Dr. Joy’s first five books (marked with an asterisk) include heavy doses of science supporting the strategies she teaches. Her more recent books were written for a broader audience. The solutions are still based on evidence but the focus of the newest books is on sharing the strategies that make a real difference in people’s lives rather than documenting the supporting evidence. 

Build Resilience in your organization

She is a sought-after speaker and trainer who loves sharing the strategies she wrote about with live audiences. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her authenticity shines through and helps her make a real connection with audiences.

When you begin at the root of human thriving, small changes provide big results.

Whether you want to build resilience, empower employees, prevent suicide, provide burnout relief or prevention, or prevent mental illness or assist with the recovery from trauma or mental illness, Dr. Joy’s work provides tools that work. Humans have barely begun tapping into the power of changing their mindset to increase their ability to thrive. Dr. Joy takes complex science and transforms it into simple strategies anyone can use to thrive more. When one change is made at the root it extends to all areas of one’s life. 

Her burnout prevention and engagement building strategies don’t stop helping employees when they leave the office. All of their relationships improve when they learn advanced and transformative stress coping skills. 

When you know good coping skills you don't use bad onesAdvanced and Transformative Coping Skills Build Resilience







The above chart is an excerpt from Burnout: Prevention and Recovery, Resilience and Retention. The red marks link to additional information in the book. 

Humans think about 60,000 thoughts a day and most of those thoughts aren’t thoughtful–they’re automatic. When you adjust the programming that determines your automatic thoughts to ones that are more empowering, you feel a renewed sense of freedom, a greater capacity to love, and more happiness. These factors combine to build resilience.

Books that Build Resilience

Dr. Joy’s suicide prevention book was written after she stopped a couple of suicides in their tracks using the techniques she teaches. 

Her hope is that the burnout prevention book will help the more than 50% of physicians who are experiencing at least one symptom of burnout build resilience and that as they learn how to help themselves, they will feel more empowered to make changes to the healthcare environment that overloaded their role with administrative burdens, they will recognize that the same strategies will help their patients. Because physicians probably don’t want to recommend a book focused on physician burnout to their patients, Mental Health Made Easy is what she recommends physicians suggest their patients read. She is also providing guidance for clergy who are suffering burnout and attempting to deal with the epidemic levels of depression and anxiety in their congregations. Psychology from the Pulpit is designed to help clergy teach healthy habits of thought to those they serve.

Build Resilience and More to Prevent Burnout and Build Engagement

She is also working on books that will provide burnout relief for teachers and first responders. Burnout is viewed through two lenses:

  1. What can an individual do to protect themselves from burnout or recover from burnout without waiting for anyone else to assist them?
  2. What can and should organizations do to reduce stress and the risk of burnout?

Valuable, innovative insights are provided in both categories.

Let’s Build a Better World

Dr. Joy sees two types of suffering in the world, necessary and unnecessary. She is on a mission to eliminate unnecessary suffering. You can help by sharing this information and by learning strategies that prevent suffering in your own life. Most people experience a traumatic event during their life. If they’re resilient they suffer less. It makes sense to build resilience. Individuals who are suffering because of a past trauma will be glad to know that it’s not too late. Resilience can be increased after-the-fact and eliminate the suffering, even decades after the event.

We can have a better world for everyone. Please help by sharing this information with your friends. Thank you.