The Incredible Reverse-Aging Fitness Journey

Are you tired and frustrated with your body not being what you want it to be?

Do you innately feel it should be better and that making it better should be easier?

It can be.

I’m getting ready to embark on a 20-week fitness journey that will make me younger, leaner, and happier with my physical body than I’ve been in a long time.

I will use my extensive knowledge of human thriving and the power of the mind and beliefs to make this journey both amazing and easy.

When I first began learning about the power of the mind to change the body one of my co-workers dubbed me The Incredible Shrinking Woman because my appearance changed so rapidly, and easily.

You may be wondering why and how I wandered away from that given what I know. I explain that in other posts, here and here.

I invite you to join me on my fitness journey. You can join me casually on LinkedIn or here on Happiness 1st Institute where I’ll post an update each week, or you can join me more formally by joining my MasterMind that will include weekly calls and a private discussion group.

You don’t have to be frustrated with your body or your efforts to have the strength and vitality you want.

You can feel younger and enjoy your body more–possibly more than ever before.

When you join the MasterMind, you’ll have the ability to ask questions, interact with the entire group, and share experiences as we take this journey together.

Stress has an impact on weight and fitness. When individuals are stressed they have a much harder time eating the way they want to eat–even if they have committed to a weight loss or exercise plan. Stress trips them up.

71% of people who have committed to a weight loss plan not only go off their plan when they are stressed, they reach for unhealthy foods. I’ll help you with that by reducing your level of stress at the root cause.

43% of people who have committed to an exercise plan don’t follow their own plan when they feel too stressed.

Weight loss and fitness plans in the 21st century that don’t consider stress fail for most people–not because the plan was bad–but because stress sabotaged their efforts.

When you join the MasterMind you’ll receive a signed copy of my latest book that will teach you to master stress and to which I will refer each week in our MasterMind or private group sessions.

This is a one time offer. I explain how I allowed my fitness level to decline here and here. While I may offer another fitness MasterMind in the future, this is the only time it will be an invitation to come along with me on my personal journey. In the future it would only be me showing you how I did it, but I won’t be actually doing it with you. When the teacher is actually journeying with the student there is more energy and excitement and that benefits everyone.

I know what I can do because I did it before the situations I describe  here and here. The transformation from the picture on the left to the one on the right took less than a year.

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In the prior transformation, I used a very low-calorie diet. I’m not going that route this time for two reasons. I experienced hair loss while on the diet and, as you can see from my floor-length hair, it takes a while for my hair to recover from hair loss. Also, once the weight was off it was difficult to maintain (although I managed for three years). I think the low-calorie diet made my body hold onto calories once I began eating a normal diet again.

I’ve been seeing amazing research results and personal success stories from a diet often referred to as the 5:2,so I’m going to use it during this journey. Joining the MasterMind does not mean you have to use the same method I use, changing your inner beliefs and lowering your stress is more important than the method you use for weight loss or to increase your fitness levels. It is also a good idea to check with your physician about any weight loss or fitness program before you begin using it.

That being said, researchers at Harvard found that the 5:2 diet is beneficial for glycemic (insulin) control and may be a way to combat the development of diabetes. This infographic from the CDC shows that one out of every three adults have prediabetes. One out of eleven people have diabetes and one of four of those don’t know they have diabetes. Whether for weight-loss, increased fitness, or diabetes prevention, the 5:2 diet combined with stress relief and self-empowerment beliefs about your body and abilities will help you live the life you want to live.

I’d love to have you join me on my transformation. The MasterMind including the book is only $179.99 for the 20-week program.

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