Floor length hair: Q & A

Floor Length Hair: Q & A

You may be wondering what floor length hair has to do with happiness.  It actually does make my life a lot more fun and helps me bring more fun into the lives of others but that is not why I am posting a blog about my hair on this site.  Because my hair is unusual, many people have questions but I do not want to take time away from the more important message of how to increase thriving in one’s life to answer those questions when I am speaking at events.  Also, I recognize that not every member of the audience has those questions.  My solution is to post a Q & A here that will answer the most common questions.  If you have a burning question that is not addressed here please feel free to comment and I will answer it.

Q  How long has it been since you cut it?

A 1985 (that makes 28 years this year – 2013)

Q  How long did it take to grow it that long?

A  It took 17 years to reach the floor.  It seemed to grow faster once I began keeping it in a braid but I think it was that I lost less to breakage.

Q  What shampoo or conditioner do you use?

A  They have changed often because the manufacturers keep changing brands.  I do not use expensive hair products.  I use far more conditioner than shampoo.

Q Does it give you headaches?

A  No.  It would if I put it in a pony tail.  I don’t do that.

Q  Is it a religious thing?

A  Not for me.

Q How long does it take to wash it?

A  Start to finish it is about an hour.  If it is very tangled it can take longer.

Q How long does it take to dry it?

A  I never use heat on it.  I allow to dry naturally.

Q  Do you use special vitamins or a special diet?

A  Nothing unusual and nothing that has been consistent for 28 years.

Q How do you wash it?

A  A hand held shower head is the key.

Q  Who braids it for you?

A  I do.

Q Does it get in your way?

A  Not very much.  I thought it was harder when it was shorter.  Now I can just put it in my pocket if I don’t want to deal with it

Q  Will you give me some?

A  If I gave everyone who asked some I would have been bald long ago.

Q  Do you donate it?

A  No.  #1 – old hair would be thrown away.  You don’t want to make a wig from old hair.  #2 – I am using it.  That question is usually followed by, “What for?” and the answer is to make my life more fun.

Q  Do you ever step on it?

A  Not as long as I don’t back up.

That takes care of the most common questions I receive.  If you have one that is not answered here feel free to leave a comment.  Comments require registration on the site.

I hope you have as much joy as you can in life.


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