How much damage is your unhappy relationship doing to your child? Do you know?

How much damage is your unhappy relationship doing to your child?  Do you know?

Do you know that negative emotions compromise the immune system?  Yours and your child’s.

Do you know that the way you perceive things will be picked up by your child?  If you are quick to anger your child will become quick to anger.

If you are suspicious your child will develop trust issues that may interfere with the very thing you want most for your child, his health and happiness.

If you attempt to cover up your real emotions your child will learn to not trust you because your words and vibe do not match.

If you demonstrate behaviors that lead to unhappy relationships those are the behaviors your child will learn from you.

If you learn how to be more emotionally intelligent, how to get to the root cause of relationship issues (where they can be solved) your child will learn how to do this and have better relationships throughout his or her life.

There is a solution. No matter how bad it may seem you can change the environment in which your child learns.

Your relationships can improve and the example your child learns from can be healthy and positive. But you probably cannot get there on your own if you are having relationship issues.

Do you sometimes think that although the faces change the same problems come up in your relationships?

Fighting with your spouse, regardless of whether your child experiences yelling or worse, or just the body language that goes with anger, can negatively affect your child in many ways.

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