The Negative Voice In Your Head Should Shut-up

Negative voices in your head

Negative, self-critical voices hold you back

If you have a discouraging voice in your head, it is not helping you achieve your full potential.

If the voice in your head bullies you, look for that inner part of you that knows how awesome you can be and ask it to help you defeat the bully living in your head.

Refute the message. Look at the evidence–you are always more and better than that disparaging voice. Just because you think it does not make it true. It is a habit of thought and a bad one at that.


Be aware of what you’re saying to yourself with the negative voice in your head. Compare the facts to the conclusions the voice reaches.
Is what the voice is harping on always true? Is there another way to perceive what the voice is saying?

If it thinks you failed, could you look at it as “I’ve learned.” Failure is just a stepping stone on your way to success. No one achieves success without some missteps along the way.

You have the ability to choose whether to listen to the negative voice or not. There is a simple trick you can use. If what the voice says makes you feel worse, there is a better way for you to look at the situation than the one the voice is coming from. If it feels good when the comment is made, go with it or look for one that is even better.

Feels bad = is bad. In other words, if it feels bad, it is not the absolute truth.

For more methods of refuting and eliminating the negative voice from your life, read TRUE Prevention–Optimum Health: Remember Galileo or take one of our classes.

You’re smarter than that voice. It is a liar and a cheat. It cheats you out of living up to your potential.