Olympic Gold Mindset

Olympic Gold Mindset

It is so wonderful listening to the mindset of the Gold Medal winners.

Listening to their words it is affirming to recognize the way they think as the way we teach people to think in our classes. While we have not yet trained an Olympic athlete, the techniques we provide can bring great success to anyone who applies them to their dreams and desires.

Our techniques are based upon research that is solid and the results we see are clearly working for our student from the perspective of the help they receive and their ability to live more rewarding lives. I suppose the reason listening to the winning Olympic athletes thoughts and seeing how closely their thought processes emulate what we teach is because even though we have known that we offer great value there is always a desire to do the best one possibly can do. Listening to winning Olympic athletes utter words that we would expect from our students affirms that we are teaching the same sort of mindset that brings athletes to victory on the world stage.

Winning at that level requires far more than physical prowess; it requires mental acuity and stamina. A “can do” mindset that does not easily give up is essential. The same requirements exist in all pursuits. To win at the top levels requires more than skill — the thought process an individual employees has a tremendous impact on the results they achieve. A dream is insufficient to propel one to the top of their game. A dream must be supported by a mindset that believes in the possibility of that dream — a mindset that looks for opportunities to succeed instead of reasons to fail.

For many, the right mindset is not their “default mode”. Whether they were born less optimistic than they could be or trained to be that way by well-meaning but mis-guided adults is not relevant. What is relevant is that greater optimism can be learned and it provides great advantages to those who deliberately cultivate it. Increasing ones level of optimism is not difficult but it is also not easy for someone whose brain has been trained to be otherwise. The right knowledge and tools are required to make the change successfully.

Do you have the mindset required to do your best?  Do you have the mindset required to successfully compete on the world stage in your chosen field?  What is it worth to you to have that power available to you?  What would it take to make you feel capable of not only meeting the challenges but also of exceeding your expectations in a high-profile venue?