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The current corporate wellness market is filled with programs that treat symptoms. We have yet to find another program that addresses the root cause of wellness and we think that is a shame because when you fix something at the root cause level the benefits spread throughout the system. Our program is based on recent research and solid science about the origin of human thriving.

This is not just another program that is similar to other programs you’ve looked at. I’ve had behavioral health specialists describe it as “similar to CBT” but it does not require group or individual therapy. It gives each individual the ability to make adjustments in the privacy of their own mind that reduce stress, increase happiness, resilience, cognitive ability, immune function, emotional intelligence, and more. Our method improves your corporate wellness goals and other important goals like employee engagement, reducing turnover (because the work environment becomes so desirable), and customer service. We customize our programs to satisfy the requirements of our clients. 

If you have another corporate wellness program, you’re missing a key ingredient. Learn more here

We are often asked how we achieve such widespread results. The reason is we address the root cause of the underlying issues–not just the symptoms. Most programs address the symptoms. The wide variety of business needs we have favorable results for include, but are not limited to:

  • Employee Engagement Improvement
    • Nothing Can Stop You - Man On ArrowAlign employees purpose with company mission
    • Increase corporate citizenship and ethics organically
    • Increase intrinsic motivation
    • Lower undesired turnover
  • Improving Wellness Programs and Stand Alone Wellness Programs
    • Absenteeism
    • Addictions
    • Obesity
    • Presenteeism
    • Smoking
    • General health and well-being
  • Change Management
    • Increase openness to change
  • Increase Emotional Intelligence–an essential ingredient for sustaining effective senior leaders
  • Increase Resilience of employees thus improving organizational resilience
  • Diversity Appreciation (not just tolerance)
  • Much more

Click on the links to .pdf’s with more details about our programs for organizations. Thank you for visiting. Please ask us any questions you may have. 

Programs for Businesses

Amplify the Benefits of Your Wellness Program

Many employers want to help laid-off workers through the transition process. Our Laid-off Transitions program is designed to quickly help displaced workers develop an empowered mindset. Research has clearly demonstrated that the right mindset speeds recovery–both emotional and finding another position.

Laid-off – Transitions

Your life’s purpose may seem like a very personal matter and not of concern to an employer. If, like me, you were raised to believe that only some occupations “call” people–occupations like religious leaders and healers–you may not see the point. The truth is there are three basic ways of looking at one’s work, as a job, a career, or a calling. When one’s work is aligned with their life’s purpose individuals are naturally more ethical and their intrinsic motivation is consistently high. Our Founder has developed a technique that helps employees identify and then align their existing role (or the role they aspire to) with their calling. If you’ve dreamed of having a staff of inspired and motivated individuals, this is your opportunity.

Your Life’s Purpose

One of the reasons our programs are so powerful is we did not accept anything at face value when the research was being done. We dug deeply into the causes of human thriving. Many people today believe something that people in 50 years will know is not true. That belief is that the workplace is not a place for emotions–for paying attention to them, for discussing them, or for any aspect of them.

Yet we now know that a low level of emotional intelligence is the most prominent factor leading to C-Suite executive failures–and even more so for the highly visible ones.

Scientists have also recently demonstrated that emotions are actually a sensory feedback system designed to lead us to self-actualization.

self-ac·tu·al·i·za·tion – the realization or fulfillment of one’s talents and potentialities, esp. considered as a drive or need present in everyone.

Our eyes, taste, touch, and smell are sensory feedback systems. We would never deliberately ignore the information they provide yet how many times have you allowed your head to override you when your gut told you not to do something? How many times did your gut tell you to do something you later regretted not acting on?

The reason we think emotions are unreliable is we misinterpret their message. The message is accurate. Our interpretation needs work.

The companies whose employees learn about their emotional guidance will be the Fortune 100 of the future.

Understanding Your Emotional Guidance V2

One issue Human Resources departments wrestle with are good employees struggling with a relocation.  Any relocation can be difficult but international ones are difficult for many individuals. Sadly, it is not uncommon for relocation issues to lead to drug or alcohol problems. Relocated employees are often valued members of the team who have been identified as high potential. Our Relocation Transitions program greatly lowers the risk of an undesired result by lowering the stress of transitions.

Relocating – Transitions

17 states have introduced anti-bullying legislation for the workplace during the last few years. This is a topic that politicians think makes them look good to voters so I expect to see continued efforts to enact this type of bill. So far, the legislation introduced puts the onus on the employer to prevent workplace bullying. While this is a worthy goal, how does an employer control the environment to that degree?

We have two powerful tools that reduce actual bullying and the perception of bullying.  Even without legislation, wouldn’t it be nice to have a kinder, gentler environment?

Bullying Prevention for the workplace

This is a powerful program that helps employees put their entire lives on track. Mission statements are created for every major area of life, helping employees prioritize their activities and responses in powerful ways.

Imagine an employee who becomes irritated at their spouse for something minor. They come to work after a rough night at home. That is not good for your business nor is it good for the employee. An employee with a mission statement for their marriage can compare the slight issue to the mission statement and realize quickly that they have focused too closely on some small negatively and know that by shifting their focus to the bigger pictures and larger goals, the positives that are clearly visible when the focus is broader will work to dissipate their frustration.

Now imagine a similar situation int the workplace between co-workers whose mission statements for their careers include good working relationships. Often a subtle shift of focus is all that is required to eliminate much of those bothersome, tiring personality conflicts that consume so much supervisory, management and HR time.

Mission Statements

We also offer many programs for other situations that we can bring into the workplace or enroll employees into on a non-exclusive basis with other attendees.

Please contact us with your questions.

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