Loving Mindsets Course

Loving Mindset Course

A loving mindset comes naturally when we fall in love, but knowing whether that mindset will last often feels risky. Because we don’t really understand how or why those feelings arrived, we often struggle with maintaining that loving feeling.

The knowledge and skills you learn in the Loving Mindsets program greatly increase the chances of maintaining that loving feeling for life. The romance and excitement can remain fresh and exciting. It is possible to love fearlessly. You will understand what is happening that makes you fall in love, enabling you to repeatedly fall in love with your chosen partner throughout life.

Our Loving Mindset course provides you with the skills and knowledge to take the risk out of love, to have a greater level of certainty that your relationship can thrive. 

The class is designed for people at any stage of relationship, from not being in a relationship all the way to past their 50th anniversary to benefit and increase their satisfaction with their relationship going forward. We can’t guarantee that it will divorce proof your marriage, but we believe it will greatly increase your chances of maintaining not only your marriage, but a marriage that is loving, supportive and strong. 

Pre-Marital Version

Many states encourage couples to attend premarital counseling and provide a discount on the price of the marriage license for those couples who complete a course. This course is offered in a retreat version that is perfect for busy brides and grooms. It provides a romantic respite from the hustle and bustle of wedding preparations. The retreat version begins on Thursday afternoon and continues until Monday morning. It satisfies the requirement in states that allow the pre-marital counseling to be completed by an ordained minister. The certificate of completion will reflect 30 hours of instruction, which is more than required in most states. The course is non-denominational and all couples are welcome. The techniques taught to assist couples in maintaining healthy relationships are supported by science, many religious and spiritual traditions as well as time tested wisdom. The price includes accommodations for couples who choose to share a room. For those wishing separate accommodations a single supplement is required. 


It is not necessary to take this class with a partner or to even have a partner right now. The skills you gain will assist you in maintaining more loving relationships with everyone in your life and prepare you for that special someone when he or she arrives.

Contact us at Information@Happiness1st. com to sign-up. We have several classes forming so please let us know whether you prefer evenings, days, or weekends. If the demand is high enough we may add additional classes. Classes will be offered in person in the Charlotte area and online.

We wish for you lasting love.

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