Understanding Your Emotional Guidance

Path to ThrivingUnderstanding Your Emotional Guidance

Emotions are sensory output from a sense. Just like sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell provide information to guide us so, too, do our emotions.

Unfortunately for most of us, society teaches us not to listen to the guidance that our emotions provide even though it is customized to our unique situations and personal preferences.

Animals and even E. Coli Bacteria respond more appropriate to the output from their sensory system than most humans do to emotions.

If you have seen the movie, Limitless, use the positive aspects of what the pill does for those in the movie to imagine what your guidance system can do for you. It may not make you into an internationally acclaimed genius overnight but it will make you more confident and sure of your direction and lead you to insightful and inspired ideas.

Learn how to listen for and interpret the guidance you are being given every day. The guidance comes from wtihin and is not interpreted the same way your ‘rational’ brain is interpreted even though it is much more accurate in its answers.

This research supporting emotions as a sensory feedback system that provide guidance toward our highest potential was published in Global Advances in Health and Medicine in March 2014.

The focus of this class is understanding the communication from your sensory system. We will discuss knowledge and then use questions from the class participants to demonstrate the difference between customary responses and “Right Responses” as described in the research from Harvard. Practical applications will be demonstrated to help  you tune into your guidance.

This is a four week class.

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