Sustainable Happiness Defined

Why go for True or Sustainable Happiness?A Happier You

The real key to sustainable happiness is skill based, not circumstance based. If one relies on circumstances (environment, relationships,activities) only temporary happiness that lasts as long as circumstances are favorable. Perspective and mindset can be developed using practical skills and create sustainable happiness where the lowest emotional state a person dips to, even when circumstances are not good, is hopefulness. Hopefulness is above where much of the world lives. Life can be great. It’s up to you.

Sustainable Happiness Defined:


The state of true happiness does not require a constant state of bliss. It is a deep sense of inner stability, peace, well-being, and vitality that is consistent and sustainable. Awareness that one possesses the knowledge and skills to return to a happy state, even when not in that state, is a critical component of sustainable happiness. True happiness is sustainable because the individual deliberately and consciously chooses perspectives that create positive emotions and has cultivated this habit of thought until the natural and habitual response focuses on the positive aspects of any situation.


Anyone can achieve sustainable happiness because it’s skill-based, practical and easy to apply to your life.


Our programs teach you how or if you’re good at learning from a book, our founder’s books show you how. Look for Jeanine Joy’s offerings at your favorite book seller.

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