Welcome to Happiness 1st Institute

Welcome to Happiness 1st Institute


Happiness 1st Institute can help you and your business accomplish amazing things.

Science has now proven that happiness is not a fluffy, “nice-to-have” emotion. Happiness provides valuable, measurable benefits for both individuals and organizations.

We are unique because we teach happiness from the root cause. Our techniques are not dose-dependent band-aids that must be reapplied continually in order to improve mood. We understand the root cause of happiness and so do our students. We understand what makes humans happy, how to attain it and how to sustain i

Scientific findings document clear benefits of increased happiness. The same individual is more intelligent when he or she is happy and less intelligent when not happy. Happiness has the same effect on creativity, and significant improvements in health, relationships, productivity and success are also caused by increased happiness. Summaries and citations to many of these studies are available under our Science tab.

One example is a company with 1,000 employees whose absenteeism declined an average of 1. 5 days per month, per employee, after the employees participated in a happiness increasing program. That equates to 18,000 additional work days per year in just one company.

The Benefits tab evidences some of the ways specific groups benefit from increased happiness, including businesses, sales people, individuals and children.

As businesses begin recovering from the recent economic downturn some will lead the way, others will follow, and some may not recover. Happy employees can help your business lead the return to prosperity.

You may have noticed that even at the worst of times some businesses and individuals were thriving. You have probably also noticed that even in the best of times there are those who do not thrive. Science turned its attention to the study of what causes flourishing almost 20 years ago and the results show that happiness and optimism have a tremendous impact on which category an individual experiences. Happiness and optimism are not just correlated to thriving, they are causative.

Increased happiness and optimism increase resilience and emotional intelligence. This means that the disruptive impact on employees (and their performance) from negative events is reduced when happiness and optimism are increased.

Our courses are available both in-person and online and can be flexibly designed to fit the needs of your organization.

Sign up for a class or call us about setting up classes for your business today.

Comments (11)

  1. Harold Arslow

    I’ve just finished True Prevention and would like to learn more. Do you have other books?

    1. JeanineJoy (Post author)

      I have three coming out later this year. Stress Kills: Happiness Heals is my seminal work, currently in the editing stage with 656 pages on an 8 1/2 x 11 chassis. Only You Can Prevent Suicide applies the stress management skills taught in TRUE Prevention to the problem of the epidemic level of suicide we are currently experiencing. Designed to help the average person know how to help if a loved one suddenly seems suicidal and to help individuals who are experiencing suicide ideation. The third is a novel where the main character teaches the keys to human thriving–a fun way to become more familiar with the concepts that can improve every life.

  2. Raymond S.

    Good Stuff.


    Happiness is not first. Success first, then happiness.

    1. JeanineJoy (Post author)

      Actually, science shows clearly that when you’re happy first you’ll be more successful. In the Grant study, Harvard graduates were followed for life. You’d expect a Harvard graduate to be successful–and they were–if they were positively focused. For the pessimists there were more divorces, business failures, alcoholism, and even suicide.

      Happiness is the first priority and then pursue other goals. Happiness is not dependent on circumstances. It is a function of mindset and anyone can learn how to develop and maintain authentic mindsets to create sustainable happiness.

  4. Darrell Mullis

    This is very helpful information, it makes sense but there is so much—so many moving parts to think about. Can you make it easier?

    1. JeanineJoy (Post author)

      Hi Darrell,

      In TRUE Prevention–Optimum Health: Remember Galileo the information is laid out in an order that helps the reader make sense of all the pieces because I lay the foundation and then build upon it. I’d love to hear if you find that helpful. Thanks, Jeanine

  5. Kathryn Wherry

    Can you tell us more about this? I’d love to find out more

    1. JeanineJoy (Post author)

      I would be better able to respond to your inquiry if it was more specific. There is a lot of free information available in the posts on this site. You can read TRUE Prevention–Optimum Health: Remember Galileo or one of my upcoming books including Shades of Joy, Only You Can Prevent Suicide, and Stress Kills: Happiness Heals for additional information. Or, respond with a more detailed question. Thanks

  6. Denise Sheppard

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